Adopted July 26, 2017

Age: Puppy (d.o.b. October 21, 2016)
Weight: 9.6lbs and growing!
Location: Barrie Ontario
Adoption donation: $700

Riley is a puppy (DOB October 21, 2016) and will do very well with a family who has the time and dedication to train her at this young age, with particular attention to housetraining, walking on leash, socialization and basic manners.  These basic doggie duties are all new to Riley.  Preference will be given to a family who will enrol Riley in puppy socialization and obedience classes to ensure she’s off to a good start.  She is an extremely intelligent pup who deserves to be set up for success as a polite, well-behaved dog for this (second) start to life.

Riley came to CCRT as an owner surrender and has been in her foster home for 2 weeks.  She has been recovering from her spay and cherry eye surgery during this week.  Her recovery is going well and has not interfered with her foster family’s observation that she is an affectionate and bright girl.  She is a puppy and has a whole lot to learn but they are very confident that she’ll excel in her training.

Riley is not yet housetrained but she shows improvement daily.  As with all dogs, a daily routine is necessary to ensure good bathroom habits.  Riley can be protective if unsure or in unfamiliar surroundings.  She has a deep bark for a little gal (9.6 lbs and growing) and is not afraid to use it.    She loves the 2 resident dogs in her foster home and is desperate to engage them in play.  Riley is an energetic puppy and loves to play, run, play, run, and play.  She would do very well with a canine sibling her size who will wrestle, chase, run and play with her.  Riley requires a great deal of socialization at this point in her young life as she has shown great fear of larger dogs.  She requires socialization with humans and dogs of all sizes to desensitize her to this fear.  She is excellent in the car and she is eating well.

Riley has been through a lot in her short life and as such, she wants to be with her humans at all times.  She follows her foster Mom everywhere and loves to cuddle up on her lap.  She has 2 dogs (did we mention how much she loves them?) for constant company so Riley has not yet been left alone.  We are unable to confirm if this will cause anxiety but will continue to update her profile as we get to know her better.  Her surgery cone will come off soon and as she continues to feel better, there is no doubt we will uncover more of this loving, playful pup’s personality.

If puppy classes, puppy energy, love, cuddles and ongoing training sounds dreamy to you, please fill out an adoption application for Riley. You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for her, or any of our other foster dogs.  Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters, by making a donation towards their care.