Our baby Daisy has lost her battle with brain tumor. She fought, had blood work, ultrasound,x-ray. We fought the battle and lost the war. ¬†Our heart is bleeding and words can’t express the hurt that her departure¬†has caused. We loved her sooooo much. Crying just doesn’t take that emptiness and hurt that she has caused inside our home.

I would like to thank the members of the Canadian Chihuahua Rescue from the bottom of my heart to have given us the privilege to have her in our lives . She filled our home with happiness in her short life span she spent with us.

The one thing I know is that Daisy had a happy and loving home, a bed with her master to sleep in, toys to play with, and homemade food that was made specifically made for Daisy and Bella.

Daisy- sept 09,2015

We love you baby.