Remy has been adopeted!

Age: 6 yo
Weight 8 lbs
Location: Mississauga Ontario
Adoption donation: $350

Remy found himself living in a shelter after his human sadly passed away.  As the shelter environment absolutely terrified this poor pup, he was transferred to our care where he has settled very nicely into his foster home.

Before falling in love with Remy’s good looks and new svelte physique (he was obese when dropped at the shelter and has lost a significant amount of weight through healthy diet and exercise), please note that Remy has a grade 6 heart murmur and mitral valve disease.  He is on medication that he will require for the rest of his life at a cost of approximately $100/month.  Despite this health issue, Remy has no symptoms and is very active.  With proper management, he can continue to live a full life.

Remy enjoys time with his human, adores snuggles and kisses, but also loves laying down next to one of the resident dogs in his foster home.  He sleeps in bed at night with his foster Mom and his furry siblings which gives Remy the best of all worlds.  He enjoys playing with one of the younger dogs in the household and loves toys and playing fetch.  Remy absolutely loves his walks.

Remy is completely housebroken, and no longer marks in the home.

Remy can be quite vocal at times and would, therefore, not be suitable for apartment/condo living.  He has shown improvement when left alone with the resident dogs in his foster home, but if away from his “pack” and/or human, he barks non-stop.

Remy struggles with meeting new dogs and people, particularly in his comfort zone at home.  He requires constant supervision and direction when others come to visit.  He will eventually settle with people when they have been in the home for some time and will eventually approach to examine (sniff) them and will accept an occasional pet.  However, when dogs are visiting his comfort zone, he remains escalated and on high alert during their entire visit.  It appears to be an anxiety-based issue.  He gets along well with the 3 resident dogs in his foster home. He also loves his Nana and Papa who have become regulars in his life, and that shows that once he trusts others, he enjoys being around them.

Remy’s ideal home is a detached home due to his love of barking and preferable a quiet home without a constant trail of visitors in and out of the home.  Remy would love an adult household or a home with children over 10 years old but a house with constant kids’ play dates and rowdy behaviour would not suit Remy’s needs.  He will be great as an only dog or with a companion or 2.  He really enjoys his “pack” in his foster home.  He has not been cat tested.  Remy has made great strides building confidence in his foster home and this is still a work in progress.  He needs a family who will help Remy be his best self by continuing to build confidence and reduce anxiety. His new family must also be mindful of Remy’s health and the costs related to his medications and vet visits.


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