It has been just over a month with Rosie at home, and we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter girl to share our lives with. 

Bringing her home, we knew it could take some time for Rosie to adjust. We expected that she may have accidents, trouble sleeping, need some space, etc. We were wrong! – It didn’t take long for Rosie to adjust and for her personality to shine through. She’s been an absolute joy in our home.

Every morning, we wake up to Rosie climbing up the steps to our bed. She gives us kisses and cuddles to wake us up – who could ask for more than that!? She loves sniffing around the backyard (under our supervision of course!) and going for walks! Rosie loves walking in the park! So many sounds and smells!

One of Rosie’s favourite things to do is visit grandma and grandpa next door! They give her lots of pets and kisses.

We are so thankful and grateful to everyone at CCRT and her foster mom, Jean, for making this possible and for taking such wonderful care of Rosie until she could finally come home.

We love her cuddles, her kisses, her funny noises, the circles she spins when she gets excited, her various ear positions, her little paws and her whole entire being!

We will enjoy and savour every moment we have with Rosie for the rest of her life.

April 2017