February 2015

I came across her picture online and, within the space of a heartbeat, fell in love.

We put in our adoption application and learned that she’d come to CCRT after spending a month at a shelter where they didn’t know her name or her history.

Soon after, we met “Rosie” at her foster mom’s house and spent a couple of hours getting acquainted. Two weeks later, we were able to pick her up and bring her home.

Zoë – a new name for a new lease on life (Zoë means “life”) – was understandably hesitant at first, so we gave her the space she needed to build trust and learn that we loved and would take care of her. She warmed up to each of us in turn, much more quickly than we expected, and has adopted us as her pack.

She snuggles up to the small of my back at night, wakes me with nudges and kisses in the morning, enjoys her breakfast, and is then eager for a rollicking playtime of tug-of-war and fetch with her favourite toys. She also loves “keep-away,” which can be really funny and has us all in stitches because she is so coy and clever. Zoë also loves cuddles and quiet time.

She’s happy with her new bff, Duke (our other Chihuahua), and Owen (the cat). Owen, for her part, is still not sure what to make of this bundle of energy that wants to play chase all the time, so we scoop Zoë up and explain that Owen needs time to feel safe, just like she did. She’s beginning to get the idea and learning to be calmer and gentler around Owen.

Zoë was even brave enough to venture out into the yard early on, before this crazy cold snap, and we’re looking forward to lots of fun romps out there this summer. Just picturing it in my mind brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

We’re also looking forward to meeting more of this wonderful CCRT family at a meet-up sometime in the near future. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy sharing antics on the Facebook page!

Zoë is a complete and utter love bug and we are so happy to be her forever family. Heartfelt thanks to Cyndy, Terry, Darlene, and all the other wonderful CCRT volunteers who work tirelessly to make our happily ever afurter ending possible! May it come back to you exponentially.

Warmest regards,