March 24, 2021

Adoption pending.

October 18, 2020

Please read Scappy’s FULL profile before applying to adopt him.

Scrappy Doo might be a cutie with a sweet side, but his aggression level can be high and he needs an experienced, tolerant owner.

Only applicants that have a significant experience in managing aggressive dogs will be considered (a trainer would be ideal, but this is not a must).


Scrappy Doo is a very anxious and insecure dog that is interested in attention, but also nervous of it. He enjoys being on his foster mother’s lap, and will look for pets at times, as well as snuggle into her. However, the only time he can be directly pet at this point is when he comes to look for it. Uninitiated touch will result in a bite. Sometimes when he does come looking for affection, he will change his mind and give a corrective warning, like a growl or snap.


Scrappy loves to play and chase his toys, although sometimes becomes protective and guards them, which results in attempts to bite if you get too close.


Walks are probably his favourite activity. He is highly active and loves going outside on adventures. He also loves going for a run while his foster parent rollerblades. He is leash reactive and dislikes the act of being leashed, as it requires people to touch him. He will bark, growl and lunge at people, dogs, squirrels, and cars when being walked on a leash. He has shown some improvement in this area, but will need continued work.


He is also barrier reactive, meaning he is reactive in his crate (which he loves), or through fences. While he is resting he doesn’t like others to come close to him, be they dogs or people.


Scrappy is housebroken and will happily use pee pads indoors or go outside to do his business.


He is currently on daily medication to assist with his anxiety and has made some great progress since arriving at CCRT ( initially he couldn’t be touched without biting), but this little guy still has a long way to go. He has bitten on many occasions (very hard in some cases). In two instances while working/living with a trainer, he bit unprovoked and had to be pried off. This however, hasn’t happened in his current foster home.


Scrappy has potential, but it is important that he is adopted out into the right furever home that can manage behaviours that may be there for a lifetime.

Scrappy needs a very specific and experienced home to ensure both he and his new companion are the best match possible. Only apply to adopt Scrappy if you meet the following criteria:

  • An experienced owner (a trainer would be a bonus) that can continue to address the behaviours and aggression through positive training and counter conditioning. We also highly recommend hiring a positive behavioural trainer to assist with his care.
  • Must have (or buy) bite gloves, and know the likelihood of being bitten (hard) is high.
  • Lives in home with fully fenced backyard (not an apartment). Scrappy needs a fenced-in backyard so he can still go outside even if he doesn’t want to be leashed.
  • Have an adult-only household. Due to his bite risk, Scrappy shouldn’t be around children of any kind.
  • Do not have any cats in your house.
  • Have either no dogs, or another dog that is calm and confident.
  • Have an active household.
  • Are willing to come out for several meet and greets with Scrappy prior to adoption to ensure fit, and to learn how to address some of his issues in a safe manner.


Ultimately Scrappy is a dog that is fun and does want love, however due to his fears, this isn’t always possible.  His biggest chance for success is to have someone that has the knowledge and ability to care for a dog with complex needs.


You can follow Scrappy Doo on his own fb page: Facebook Page


If you meet the criteria for Scrappy’s new home, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs.

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Vital Stats

Weight: about 6 lb
Location: Mississauga
Age: 3years

Adoption donation: $400