We have just heard from Shayla’s new family.

We adopted Shayla, a little brown, long-haired Chihuahua last week, and she is blending in perfectly.

Shayla, or ‘LaLa’ as we call her, is the sweetest dog ever. She is very calm, walks well, enjoys the car, and rarely barks.
She too has adapted well to our home, which includes three teenage boys, two cats and two other chihuahua’s – Cookie and Ruby, who we also adopted from the CCRT, a year and a half ago.

LaLa is the perfect companion, and doesn’t ask for too much. She is polite and lady like, and brings balance to our other dogs who can get a bit ‘wingy’ at times.

Just petting her soft fur and even the way she smells makes me happy 🙂
We love her already!