Gorgeous Shelly has been adopted!

Here’s the latest news from Shelley’s new parents:

Our girl is home and doing fabulous. I am convinced it’s fate. She has not cried, whined or been scared one bit. She slept during the car ride. When she arrived home she did a lot of exploring with her tail wagging, LOVES her new backyard. Ate twice. Her little tail wags and she runs over to us for pets, check in’s and snuggles. It’s as if she knows. We even got a few kisses and dog hugs already! We also remain realistic as she’s still settling in and will be there to support her through any difficult times.

 We attribute so much of our positive experience to her foster mom. I honestly can’t believe Shelly is her first foster. She was a pro. She was thorough and took great care to give us all the info info and support along the way. It made the transition extremely comfortable for us and Shelly. We are so grateful for all her help.

 Thank you for everything you do. So many Chihauhau’s and Chi-X have a second chance at love and a great life. What you do is so needed and a blessing.

We are looking forward to spoiling and loving Shelly forever!!!!




Vital Stats
DOB:  Oct 2010
Weight:  4.5 lbs
Location:  Tiny, ON
Adoption Donation:  $300

Shelly is an almost 12 year old dainty little girl who is easily the sweetest dog you will ever meet! Her elderly owner was no longer able to take care of her and she found her way into CCRT’s care. Please read her profile carefully as we are looking for a particular kind of home for this 4.5 girl.

CCRT’s veterinarian has given Shelly a clean bill of health and she has had a heartworm test (negative).  She is spayed, microchipped and up to date with vaccines. She has had her nails cut and she has been groomed, leaving her crazy hair in tact.

This tiny angel just wants to be part of your world. She will follow you everywhere. She is super cuddly and the very definition of a lap dog. She is looking for a calm and patient furever home.

Shelly suffers from separation anxiety, so she needs a home with someone who is with her most of the time. Shelly is noisy when left alone and this must be carefully considered if you live in an apartment or condo. Her foster family’s neighbours hear her crying.

Shelly is friendly, curious and loves to smell things. Visitors are greeted with enthusiastic sniffs and she likes everyone she meets!

Shelly has bilateral cataracts so, although she can still see, her sight is limited and this means she needs to be supervised on furniture and protected from stairs. She is deaf so she doesn’t hear you when you call her but this doesn’t seem to be a hindrance in her foster home.

Shelly has a healthy appetite but on her schedule not yours – so a flexible household would suit her best. Everything she eats has to be soft because she has no teeth and she has an old jaw fracture. She is not in pain and there is nothing that needs to be done about that. It just means that eating is a very messy endeavour.

As for her leash manners, Shelly is comfortable with a harness and a leash (because she is so fragile, she should never wear a collar). She doesn’t understand what actual walking is about but does love to wander around while on her leash using her cute little sniffer! SHE IS NOT A CANDIDATE FOR A DOG PARK OR DOGGIE DAYCARE.

Shelly prefers to do her business outside. Patience is required because she isn’t fast about it! She is also pee pad trained but if you do not give her a fresh pee pad, she will pee on the floor beside it. Her poops are “walking poops” so if you don’t take her outside to do her business, she’ll end up getting some poop on the floor inside. Her new home should understand this and be diligent about taking her out.

Shelly isn’t interested in toys. This wiry haired sweetheart is low energy and just wants to snuggle. She appears to be fine with other animals but big dogs in the home do present a danger because she is so delicate. As result, we think Shelly would do best if she were the only pet, or with another small canine friend,  in an adult only home.

Shelly is not a candidate for a crate. She has never seen the inside of a crate or a cage in her life. She is not destructive so leaving her out in a safe space is fine.

At night she prefers to sleep with you. You will have to secure her with a seatbelt harness on car trips to keep her safe during travel and she has a sling carrier for longer walks or bus trips although she’s not a fan.

If you fit this description of Shelly’s ideal forever home and are interested in adopting her, please fill out an adoption application

You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for her or any of our foster dogs.  Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel  for any of our foster dogs by making a cash donation towards their care.