Smooch has an adoption pending 

He is a snuggle bug looking for a cozy lap, lots of love and a stable, patient household.

He was originally a stray when he came to CCRT. Since being in foster care, it has been noted that he can be reactive in certain situations and he has bitten in the past. With proper management and redirection, however, he has not escalated to biting in his current foster home. Due to his potential for biting, an adult only home will be required, in addition to someone who feels confident in managing his reactivity in certain situations with positive based training and redirection. He can be reactive on leash which is improving with redirection, and he takes a little time to feel comfortable around new people, but as soon as he is, he is a snuggle bug!

He loves his walks and time outside, and requires a good amount of exercise (would make a good companion for someone who loves the outdoors/hiking etc). He even is a great rollerblading buddy. He does most of his business outside, and will sometimes use the pee pad inside. He does mark in the house on occasion, but this is improving greatly.

He does bark and outside noises, so would not be suitable for apartment/condo living (in combination with his reactivity on leash making it difficult to navigate hallways or elevators).

As mentioned previously he is a snuggle bug. He loves his attention and can be needy at times. He is not a fan of being left alone for long periods. For this reason, Smooth needs a home where he wouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours at a time (including post-covid when people are going back to work).

He would do well either as an only dog and soak up all the attention from his human(s), or he would also do well with a doggy buddy to keep him company and play with (would not recommend a smaller dog than him to be his buddy as he can play pretty rough). In his foster home he enjoys playing with a dog similar in size and will take cues on when to stop when told by other dog. He can be a little bit jealous of other dogs that are needy in his foster home, and he is learning that it is not OK to bully him. If he were in a multi dog household he would do best with other dogs that aren’t going to take the attention away from him.

He travels well in the car in his booster seat and is excited for new adventures.

He has a high prey drive and would likely not do well with cats, as he would love to chase them.

If you have a single-family home, love the outdoors and are a confident owner willing to work on reactivity in a positive manner, you might be the home for Smooch. We will not be placing Smooch in a home with children, cats or a primary caregiver who is out of the house for more than four hours at a time.

If Smooch sounds like the guy for you, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs.


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Vital Stats

Age: approximately 3 years old.

Weight: 9 lbs

Location : Mississauga  Ontario

Adoption donation: $400