We absolutely lucked out in adopting Snax! Beyond his tough exterior (mainly to strangers who come to our place) he is a huge teddy bear and super sweet and loving dog. He always knows where to find the sunny spots around the house though prefers our laps. When we are all home, he takes turns on everyone’s lap, which is adorable.

He gives kisses on demand to us all (even Baba!). He now does basic tricks for treats! His favourite treat is our leftover rib bones; he will do anything for these!

He has a real love for all of his grandparents and will snuggle with them! He is learning to not pre-judge allmen and has come a long way in trusting them. He loves his ear scratches so much and will purr like a cat and let his tongue hang out which is adorable.

Snax has a natural amazing ability to know when one of us needs his comfort and will jump on whomever needs it. He will not let us sleep alone so most nights he is in our daughter’s bed protecting her and other nights he spends with us and he is very adamant that nobody sleeps alone!

What an amazing dog we have and we are super grateful for CCRT!

We are looking forward to celebrating his 4th Birthday next week!