Pippen’s (aka: Snoopy) Happy Tale

Good morning CCRT

Mom took me to the vet this am for a checkup and my vaccines! I got my blood tests for heartworm (negative), and I’m going on my protocols as of June 1! I’m 6.1lbs now! Mom calls me her little piggy😆 We’re still walking at least twice a day, and the vet says I am very fit! The vet was very happy with how well I’m doing. She gave me a nail trim, but I got a cookie after, so that was okay💖

I’m moving to the country next month! Mom and I are going to be closer to our family, and I’m excited to spend some more time with my Oma, and Aunt Selena and Uncle Snoop Dogg. We will send pics from the lake this Summer!💖 

Have a very happy Spring!


I wanted to send you my pupdate!

First, Mom and I decided that we’d try the name, Pippen out, and I like it! It seems to suit me. After all, I’m the best wingman around.

I’ve settled in really well with my new Mom. She tells me every day how handsome I am and what a good boy I am (I really am a good boy). We go on 4 walks every day, and mostly, all is good. We’re still working on my overexcitement with other dogs, but we’re learning together. I love my walks at the park! We go every day at least once, and we do a huge zoomie across the field! I’m a pretty big deal in my neighborhood now!

I have a big family! It turns out I’ve got an Oma, an Aunt, Uncle, and lots of Cousins! Two-legged and four-legged! They are all so happy to have me in the family. I have lots of new friends, too!

Mom takes me on adventures, and my sweet little curiosity comes out. It turns out that I love going to the beach! I love going for visits with my Oma, Aunt Selena, Uncle Snoop Dogg, and my Cousin, Marty McFly! Sometimes I go for walks in the forest with my Uncle Bones.

I’m looking good! My little belly is nice and full! Oma makes my food for me, and my walks are keeping me nice and fit (hey, I work out)!

Thank you to Auntie Lauren for taking such good care of me until I found my furever home, and to all of CCRT for realizing what a special boy I am. It’s all blue skies for me from now on!

Lots of love,