This sweet little bundle of joy is Miranda.  She is a two year old chihuahua weighing in at 2.8 kg.  She enjoys the company of men, women, and children-she is an equal opportunity cuddler as long as new humans let her come to them until she is comfortable.  She is a very good alarm system – no one will sneak into your home while she is on duty.  However, she is quiet in the house generally.  She is pee pad trained with no idea of using the great outdoors as an option. 

She is a picky eater but with lots of attempts we have discovered that she will eat chicken with some kibble and enjoys  liver treats as rewards.  As she continues to feel comfortable in her foster home her eating has improved.  Despite her very petite size she is an avid walker and can easily complete trail walks with energy left over.  

When meeting new dogs she can be vocal but with good space and a loose leash, once she has a good sniff she is fine.  She would be fine in a home with a respectful dog or cat or alone.  Her great joy would be to have someone home with her most of the day as she is very bonded to her caregiver and is constantly on the lookout for their location. 

Because of her very tiny size she would not be a good choice for a family with a toddler.  

Miranda is looking for a forever home that will respect the fact that she is a tiny DOG and not a toy – she needs exercise, socialization, training and a protective owner that will keep her safe.  Because she is an alarm barker she may not be the best match for someone in an apartment or condo. 

If you are interested in Miranda, please contact Speaking of Dogs Rescue at

If you are interested in Miranda,

please contact Speaking of Dogs Rescue at