It is with a broken heart I write these words … STORM otherwise known as Stormy-Girl, Sweet Girl, PupPup or PoopPooparoo left us yesterday morning. June 17th will forever be etched in our memories.

I was fortunate enough to hold her in my arms the entire process of letting her go peacefully as well as take part in her after care, with my work family by my side. In the veterinary line of work you deal with this mostly every day, and people may think it’s easier for us, I can tell you it’s NOT!

To our sweet girl Storm, I hope you know how much you lifted our spirits and that your bright eyes filled with Love made all the difference each and every day you were part of our family. We will miss your “energy”, your beauty, your vocalizing at just about everything, your little throaty conversations back to us, your jumping 4 feet straight up into the air for each & every meal, your 10pm spurts of energy to play fetch with your “baby” and lastly your eerie howling whenever your pack was separated. Your rescue sisters Cocoa and Cherry look for you and miss your Alpha leadership, a job you took quite seriously.

You are missed, your life mattered, and you found your way to your “Forever Family”.

We were looking forward to the annual one week stay at the Lake Cottage in July, as well as, your 11th Birthday (August 12, 2013) & your 8th Adopt-a-versary (October 8, 2016), but sometimes things are meant to happen but aren’t meant to be.

Rescue gives you a chance to save a life, and they in turn will change yours. Storm was damaged from her previous life and had fears she never was able to overcome. We gave her Love, Time and Patience (as well as a fur brother & sisters),  hope it was enough.

Thank you C.C.R.T. and Karen (her foster Mom) for entrusting us with Storm … we tried to give her the bestest life possible to help her move forward from her past. We will carry her love and memories in our hearts until we meet again. I only wish we could have one more day, one more walk … one more kiss-kiss! Run free with Riesling.