December 2016 Update from Storm’s New Family

It has been two months now since we officially adopted “Sweet Storm” and brought her to her Forever Home.

We have kept in contact with her amazing foster family and we are so very thankful for everything they did for her during the three month stay with them. We decided to keep the name Storm as it totally suits her personality, colouring and she was already responding to it.

Riesling and his new sister Storm have been bonding and all is going very well, she has also made friends with our rabbit Remy! There has not been a dull moment since Storm arrived, she is typically very quiet but has reserve energy that she seems to expel at meal times (she will jump straight up at least three feet, 4 or 5 times in a row as soon as the food container appears!) and constant fetching and tossing of her toy which is her “baby”. Storm loves to shower her people and Riesling with lots and lots of “kisses”! Storm and Riesling love to go for walks together, her brother needs to be the leader and Storm is happy to follow right behind taking three steps to his one.

We are very proud of how far she has come in two months including a Thirty One Gifts party (with lots of girls fawning over her) at our house, a road trip to Ottawa with a hotel stay and attending a family birthday party for my 6 year old nephew. She is learning lots from her brother Riesling and just recently how to manipulate a wiggle wobble treat dispenser toy … she finally started using her paw!! We are still working on snoozing in the mornings after the alarm goes off … sharing Mom and Dad with Riesling … not making crazy throat sounds when unhappy about being moved around on the couch or bed … and being friendlier to family or friends visiting the house.

We l

ove Storm and she has found her FOREVER HOME with us.

Thank you CCRT for our little girl!