This update was received June 1, 2018 from Sunny’s (formerly “Clover” ) owners.

Sunny is doing so well! We are absolutely in love.

She is so affectionate and sweet and gives so many kisses!
She is very attached to me now, and loves to follow me around all day and sit in my lap while I work, but she is very independent as well and doesn’t mind being left alone when I need to run an errand.
She loves cuddling with her dad, and she sleeps above my head on top of my pillow every night.

I call her my little halo. 😛 My whole family adores her.

Also, she’s doing very well with her walks! She is shy with other dogs, but she’s been getting more confident.

She used to stop a lot when passing people/other larger dogs, but now she keeps going (at a slow pace though, haha).

I attached some pictures of Sunny. Actually, I attached A LOT of pictures because it’s so hard to choose LOL.
There are some glamour shots and also some candid pics of her with us so you can see what her life is like. 🙂

Helen, Marc & Sunny