RIP May 2019

Seven joyful snuggle filled years ago we adopted Dice from the CCRT. Her foster mom fondly called her “China Doll” and we named her Lyra. She was a bossy barky dog (everything we’d read to be cautious of) but my husband and I fell in love.

At first Lyra was so excited to go on walks she’d hop on her hind legs until she tired enough to place all 4 paws on the ground. She joined us for jogs, four hour hikes, flew with us to visit family, and even went on a couple road trips. 3 years ago her biggest dreams came true and we moved into a house with a…. backyard!! Squirrels to chase all day.

She greeted us with her wagging tale when we came home from the hospital with my daughter and she was here when our son was born at home. A week after my sons arrival she was diagnosed with mitral valve disease, and we were grateful for our wonderful vet and the medicine that gave her some pizazz back.

She spent her last year well loved by all 4 of her humans and passed peacefully on May 8 in our arms (of course she chased off a squirrel that morning because if you gotta go, you might as well go on a high, even if you’re 14 years old). We miss her every day. Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

Kathleen and David (and of course Scarlett (4) and Fionn(1))