November 12, 2018: Adoption Pending.

No further applications will be accepted for Taco.

Introducing Taco!

How he Arrived: Taco was surrendered to the CCRT through no fault of his own. A human in his household developed an allergy and they could no longer keep him. He was loved, so it was not an easy decision for the family to make.

All about Taco: Taco is a very happy 10-month-old Chihuahua, who is smart and full of energy. He loves to squeak his toys, chase bouncing balls, and just run around the house. He gets along well with other dogs and is fine with cats. He is a good-natured little pup who would do well on his own in the home or with another young furry friend to play with. He does mouth at hands to play, but it is playful and not a true bite by any means. He does stop when asked and is easily distracted by exchanging a hand for a toy.

Taco walks well on a leash and enjoys sniffing everything, but is a bit nervous and will be a flight risk until he gets comfortable with his family. He just needs some life experience. He seems to meet new people (adults) well, giving a bark or two, or three, but quickly settles in once the initial excitement is over. Taco has not been tested with younger children yet, but the foster home doesn’t believe it would be any different then meeting an adult, judging from his personality and reactions to date.

Behavior: Taco came into the CCRT with no training at all, basic or otherwise, and he does have some behavior issues that will require attention and training, so his adoptive home will need to be an experienced dog/Chi owner. Taco isn’t the dog for a first time Chihuahua owner. Taco is at the stage in puppyhood that his foster home refers to as the “testy teen” years. This means he’s at an age where he pushes rules and boundaries, seeing what he can get away with – a typical teenager. Taco, like most Chihuahuas, is smart and has learned that if he darts away or gets overly dramatic and screams – yes screams – when asked to do something new or he isn’t in the mood for, he doesn’t have to do it. The foster home has seen an improvement in this behavior with regular exercise and working through this as it happens. His adoptive family will need to be aware and continue with patience and training to work past this phase. If not, the outbursts will continue and only create a bigger problem down the road.

House Training: Taco is only partially housetrained and his foster home is working hard to change that. Currently, if given the choice, he would much rather sneak off to go indoors versus going outside. He is not reliably pee pad trained either. His house training will get there, he just needs patience and consistency. Warning, grossness alert! Taco also has an unappealing tendency of eating his own feces. This will most likely go away with proper routine, exercise, and maturity. The foster home has also seen an improvement with this issue and it has become less frequent, but still something to watch for. Still ewwww no matter what.

Poor Taco! I know it sounds like we are listing all his worst characteristics, but his foster home doesn’t want to sugar coat his behavior or give potential adopters a different picture than what you can expect from adopting a 10-month-old puppy with limited life experience.

The good news? Taco is a super cuddler and loves to sleep in bed, under the blankets in true Chi fashion, all night long. He LOVES to sleep in and will follow you around the house to see what exciting thing you are going to do next or to protect you from any noise in the house. Need a security guard? Taco is down!

He’s a lovely, intelligent little dog who just needs guidance, exercise, and consistent routine to help get him where he needs to be.

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Vital Stats

10 mo (dob December 3, 2017)
Weight: 8.6lbs
Location: Barrie Ontario
Adoption donation: $700