Teddy has an adoption pending.

Age:  Guesstimate 3 years
Weight:  6 lbs
Location:  Mississauga
Adoption Donation:  $675

Teddy is an active bundle of fun who found his way into our care after going unclaimed as a stray.  He loves playing with toys, going for walks, playing with one of the young resident dogs in his foster home, and of course, playing with his human.  He definitely leads an active lifestyle and loves long walks/hikes.  He enjoys the company of most dogs regardless of size.  He plays nicely with dogs of his choosing, however when he is over-stimulated he can become nippy, choosing to nip on hind legs and butts, which earns him a “doesn’t play well with others” time out.  When a dog is uninterested in playing with Teddy, he tends to bother them rather than leave well enough alone.  He requires further training and supervision while socializing with dogs.

 Teddy is a little nervous when meeting new humans.  Given some time, he will warm up on his own terms.  He is reactive toward men, barking and growling with hackles up.  If pushed to interact with men despite his obvious discomfort, Teddy will nip or bite.  Given time to assess the threat, he will either ignore or cautiously interact with men.  Supervision is required when socializing with new people, namely men.

Teddy is mostly housebroken with only the occasional accident.  He marks his foster home, but has made significant improvement.  Supervision and gentle correction is still necessary until he get this completely under control.

This adorable little boy is a world class snuggler and loves to give kisses.  He enjoys sleeping in bed with his humans and the resident dogs in his foster home, being included in “the pack.”

Teddy can be a barker.  Even a doorbell on TV will cause Teddy to vocalize.  Condo/apartment living is not suitable for Teddy due to constant proximity to strangers in elevators/common areas and his tendency to bark.

Teddy has some degree of separation anxiety, which is understandable given his current situation, but is doing extremely well with this.
He has not been cat tested and this remains an unknown.

Teddy’s ideal home would include patient humans who will continue to work on Teddy’s marking, socializing politely with dogs and humans – especially his reactivity toward men.  He should not be left alone more than 4/5 hours per day and would do very well with a canine playmate/sibling.  He definitely requires an active family who will take him out for many daily walks, long walks and/or hikes.  Teddy is an active little fellow.

You can watch his adorableness on his very own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552568337246.  He is making great progress in his foster home, where he is learning that he is safe and loved.  He will make the most wonderful addition to the right family (children should be 12 and over) and the cutest hiking/walking companion ever, not to mention a great cuddler.

You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for Teddy, or any of our other foster dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.