The adorable Theodore and Brooklyn joined our family in early December and they settled in on their very first day.

After many hours of driving from their foster home, we dropped into our favourite chairs to relax.  Suddenly, these two tiny missiles flew through the air and landed in our laps for snuggles. They already felt at home.

Since then, they’ve spent their days chasing each other, chasing their toys, and chasing their tails.  They run full-speed laps around an ottoman.  They hop around like bunnies and walk on their hind legs.  They have endless energy and they’re always up to some new antics that keep us laughing.

After dinner they turn into cuddle bugs, covering us in kisses and curling up with us until it’s time for bed.  They love to burrow under blankets and they sleep like angels.  Their little tails never stop wagging and they’re a delight to have around.

We adore our new little fur babies.