If you wish to donate any of the following supplies or services, please email us at info@ccrt.net and a CCRT representative in your area will be in touch.

Monetary donations are always gratefully accepted and, for your convenience, you may wish to use the PayPal donation button at the bottom of the page.

Supplies for our foster dogs

  • leashes
  • harnesses (ranging from extra small to size medium)
  • lightweight collars (ranging from 6” to 14”)
  • ID tags
  • small muzzles
  • small dog kibble
  • dog treats
  • food dishes
  • supplements (such as essential fatty acids, vitamins, glucosamine)
  • plastic crates (small to large size)
  • dog beds
  • pet blankets
  • soft pads for crates
  • hot water bottles/ heating pads
  • x-pens
  • baby gates
  • pee pads
  • enzymatic cleaning fluids such as Nature’s Miracle, Petzyme
  • doggie diapers and belly bands
  • small dog sweaters and jackets
  • small dog t-shirts
  • washable small plush dog safe toys
  • various toys (such as Kongs, mini tennis balls, Greenies)
  • grooming brushes
  • towels
  • doggie shampoo and conditioner (especially types designed for sensitive/dry skin)
  • eye and ear cleaners
  • flea and heartworm control (Advantage, Program, Revolution, Sentinel)
  • nail clippers
  • gift certificates for pet stores, groomers, veterinary care

Supplies to help our volunteers with their duties

  • stamps
  • long distance phone cards
  • gift certificates for office supply stores such as Office Depot, Staples
  • gift certificates for general supply stores such as Canadian Tire, WalMart, Zellers, Dollarama etc

If you wish to make a monetary donation: