Adoption Pending. No further applications will be accepted.


Tim was transferred to CCRT by a shelter. He was apparently found as a stray. Came into CCRT with a respiratory infection that, with his foster mom’s love and nursing care, has now gone.

He will be neutered and have a dental as soon as he has regained his strength, which should be soon.

Timmy would do better in an only dog home or another older dog who will ignore him, with no kids or only older kids. He can’t take hyper dogs or kids. He’s fully house broken, no accidents. He needs to be carried outside, can sometimes do stairs but most of the time you will have to carry him down the stairs. He can get up 5 stairs.

He’s food aggressive towards other dogs. He won’t attack unless they get in his face, he usually will just growl. Super sweet. Loves to cuddle on your lap.

He is fine around new people he doesn’t know.  Needs encouragement to eat, not sure if it has to do with his teeth, which are really really bad. He paws at his mouth and rubs it on things when he’s done eating. He only eats canned food and soft treats. Knows how to sit. Loves to sleep under covers in bed with humans.

Timmy has found a toy he likes and is playing with it doesn’t want foster home’s chis near the toy.  He likes to be massaged and cuddled and loved. Won’t ask to go outside needs to be taken. Fine to be home all day alone with other chis that just ignore him. Tim would probably love someone to be home all day.


December 23, 2015

Meet Tim who has just arrived at his foster home.   We’re going to get acquainted with him and will post more information soon.  Be sure to check back!

Vital Stats

Age: about 8-9yo

Weight: 4.6lbs


Adoption donation: $350