Titom (petit homme – little man) came into our life in April 2004 at just 4 years old. He had been surrended for “personal” reasons from his former owners.

From the minute Titom walked in the door he assumed the position literally right on top of me on the couch. He seemed to know right away that this was his forever home.

Titom was a couch potato, but he loved his walks more than anything else. For such a little guy, he could walk for hours if permitted. Titom loved sunning himself too. If it was too cold to be outside, he was on one of the many beds or blankets scattered around the house depending on the time of day basking in one of the rays of sun coming in. Titom had a very unique quality to him, where he would poop while balancing on his two front paws with his back paws tucked in. I don’t know why I never took video of that!

Other than “walk”, Titom’s favourite words were “cheese”, “cuddle” and “kiss”. Titom would lick you from the minute you walked in the door and wouldn’t stop until you went to bed.

Titom had a short battle with kidney failure. We noticed he was losing weight and not eating much, so we took him to the vet and he started on weekly fluid injections to clean his kidneys, medication and a change in diet. Sadly though, our efforts were short lived and Titom passed away on April 12, 2012. One of the most heartbreaking things was he had no appetite so he was missing what he loved most – treats.

Titom was most loved and our hearts are heavy in his absence. I will miss him as my right hand man, his daddy will miss him as his morning cuddle buddy and his furry best friend Phoenix will miss her constant companion. Titom will forever be in our hearts as the most special of dogs and will always be missed and never forgotten. We know Titom is in heaven sitting in the sun, eating up a storm, and waiting for us to join him one day for a good long walk.

Love always, Natalie, Kris and Phoenix