October 9, 2015 Adoption pending. No further applications will be accepted.

Turbo comes to CCRT from a shelter. Turbo is a cutie!  He is learning to trust his foster family and has come along way in his short time in foster care.  Understandably, he needs time to adjust. Once picked up and cuddled, he will cuddle with any human for hours, but he hasn’t initiated cuddles yet.


Turbo knows how to sit for a treat and will even sit of his bum with his paws up in the air…it is very cute!  He rarely barks, only sometimes when someone comes to the front door.


He is indifferent about the two dogs and cat in his foster home, so he should be fine with other animals in the home.


He prefers using a pee pad over doing his business outside. In regards to going outside, he my not be that familiar with it. He loves doggy beds and spends most of his time in one of 3 doggy beds. He doesn’t really seem to know what a walk is. He require a lot of coaxing. He is definitely NOT a puller and could probably be trained to walk quite nicely. What an adventure! You can bond with Turbo by exploring the world together and helping him expand his horizons!  He is a great traveller and is good in the car. He has been on 3 different 2.5 hour drives for his appointments and you wouldn’t even know he was in the vehicle. He is very quiet and well behaved.


Turbo enjoys his food and is a good eater. Since being with CCRT, he has had extensive dental work done. He has had most of his teeth removed due to periodontitis and tooth decay. Due to it’s severity, his jaw bone has become thinned. This does not cause any problems, nor should it in the future with the appropriate handling and diet.  He will simply require softened food and some consciousness about the vulnerability of his jaw. Turbo would benefit from a home without young children or high energy pets.


If you would like to adopt Turbo, please fill out an adoption application. You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs, please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters, by making a cash donation towards their care.


Vital Stats

Age: 9ish yo

Weight: 7.1lbs (should be about 6 1/2lbs)

Gender: Male, neutered

Location: Victoria Harbour (Barrie area) Ontario

Adoption donation: $400