August 3, 2019 Rest in Peace

“We  adopted Mikey &  Mitzi from CCRT in Nov 2015.  I was a bit hesitant as we had just lost our beautiful long haired white pom/chi, Baby,to cancer and wasn’t sure I was ready to  open my heart to another dog,but that  changed when I saw Mikey& Mitzi

Someone told us about CCRT so I went in   to the web site just to look. I was smitten with Mikey& Mitzi & felt so sad that they had  been overlooked for so long. We thought they were so beautiful. Needless to say, I filled out the application & we got a call to go to  Richmond Hill for a meet & greet

We were overjoyed when we got the call that  we had been approved & Mikey& Mitz were ours.

I was a bit nervous about having 3 dogs  but they fit in so quickly and  were so well trained.  They  bonded with us very  quickly, &  slept with me every night.

Mikey was  so small & so full of life.  He was  the  6lb boss. Our other dog Bailey  was 18lbs but Mikey put him in his place. When  Bailey would have enough, he would just put his foot  down,literally, on him.

Mikey loved  to socialize & loved it when we had company he was the whole show.

Mikey kept our home  full of    happiness in his short time with us.

He did  so  many little things that  were  special.

He would  howl at the phone messages   not sure if he liked listening to them or hated them.

Loved to eat his bowl of  kibble on my bed every night where he slept for  his whole life here.

He also  knew how to get out of his cage & leave the door shut with Mitzi inside.

We never quite knew how he did it but after  two attempts we never put them back in the cage.

He love to chase the squirrels & was sure he would catch one.

Mikey  was diagnosed with mouth  cancer  a year ago in September &   he    was a trooper  till the end.

He  went to the rainbow bridge August 3rd.    We are heartbroken & miss  him   so much. We will never forget him & what he brought to our lives.  We will always have a special place in our hearts for  Mikey &   Bailey & Baby.T hey are    at the rainbow bridge all together  having a good time playing  with perfect bodies.

I’m sure we will adopt another one in the near future.

Want to thank CCRT for all they do to  help  find these  dogs a loving home.  We have loved every minute with him.”