February  19, 2018 – Jasmine has an adoption pending. No further applications will be accepted

January 30, 2018 – Jasmine is available for adoption!

This elegant little lady is Jasmine!

Jasmine has settled nicely into her foster home where her foster family reports she is a pleasure to have around and has been a great addition to the household.  She tolerates the resident dogs but would probably be more comfortable as the only dog.  Jasmine has not been observed with children.

This little beauty is a five-star snuggler and loves to be near her human, often nestling onto laps or under the covers at night time.  She’s also a great kisser!  Her more playful side is appearing as she is more comfortable in her foster home and discovers toys, but she is really a huge couch potato and loves nothing more that cuddling with her human(s) on the sofa.

Jasmine has luxating patellas, which slightly affects her gait but does not slow her down at all.  She runs, jumps and loves to play.  She is still learning leash training, which is new to her.  She pulls when out for walks and will require patience and consistency with training as she learns this new art of walking nicely on her leash.

Jasmine is not typically a barker, but sometimes joins in when her foster siblings begin or when she is playing.  She will, however, whine if she knows her human is in a different part of the house.  She just loves, loves, loves to be near her person.Jasmine eats well but is a bit fussy about food choice.  She sometimes guards her food and should be monitored accordingly.  She eats very slowly and her foster family has been feeding her separately from her foster siblings.

Jasmine is working on her pee pad training and has really improved.  She occasionally has accidents in the house if nobody is home or when her aim is off and she misses her training pads. Like many dogs, Jasmine does not like having her nails clipped and is quite the fighter, putting up great resistance.  She will require patience and understanding while practicing this very scary necessity.

This sweet, cuddly, beautiful girl is definitely not fearful of strangers and there is nothing she loves more than snuggling into her foster Mom’s lap.  She will make a wonderful, loving companion and will be a terrific addition to the family.  Her foster family adores having Jasmine in the home and will miss her when she moves on to the next phase in her life – her furever home.

If you would like to adopt Jasmine, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for her, or any of our other fosters dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.

Age: 4 yo

Weight: about 11lbs

Location:  Milton, Ontario

Adoption donation: $350