April 30, 2020

This sweet soul was found alone, unkempt, severely underweight, and in very poor condition on a dirt side road in a rural Ontario community in October of 2019.   Alone, cold, starving, and scared in unfamiliar territory with toenails so long her toes were forced to grow in unnatural directions to compensate, preventing her from walking, Willow never would have been able to fend for herself.  Her state of obvious neglect, or worse, left her with several serious health conditions that resulted in a delayed spay, despite an enlarged, fluid-filled uterus, delayed dental, and delay in being ready for adoption.  Willow, thankfully, found her way to us via a rural Ontario shelter.  Her poor body condition, to put it mildly, alluded to a lifetime of neglect.  Possibly worse.  If only they could talk.


Once in our care, Willow’s spirits began to life.  Her health was another story.  One step forward, two steps back.  However, a steady supply of nutritious food (or just food in general) along with around-the-clock care in a safe, loving, calm environment resulted in the shine coming back to Willow’s coat, and the light returning to her once-defeated, tired eyes.  What medicated baths couldn’t achieve, months of love and nutrition did.  Willow’s dandruff eventually disappeared and her dull, patchy coat is now the envy of dogs everywhere.  After several months in rescue, Willow was able to put some meat on her weary bones and her blood work was eventually normal enough to undergo a successful spay.  Her spay ended up being very complicated and her dental, which would normally occur at the same time, could not safely be done.  Willow requires extractions and her dental will take place once COVID-19 restrictions have eased.  She is on our vet’s priority list.


After 6 months in her loving foster home, Willow’s personality now shines through.  She is a sweet girl who loves to sit with her person/people and receive pets.  She currently shares her foster home with the resident chihuahua and while she is fine with other dogs, she does not play nor interact with them.  She is not a huge fan of cats and her furever home must not have one.  She would do well as the only pet in the home.  She likes her walks but as a senior, she is not high energy and is satisfied with shorter, frequent walks only if the weather is mild and dry.  She is not a fan of the cold and prefers to do her business on pee pads inside rather than expose herself to cold weather.  As for playtime, Willow had not likely been exposed to toys nor play in her former life and is uninterested in them.  Her foster family developed a game for her in which they toss a kibble or treat, and Willow runs after it and sniffs out her prize, happily gobbling it up and awaiting the next toss.  As she really loves her food, she really loves this game!  Otherwise, as a senior, she is not terribly active.

Willow is currently taking medication (half of a steroid tablet) to control a collapsing trachea.  Her condition is under control with this mediation and she will likely need to remain on this medication for life.

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Once Willow undergoes her dental surgery and recovers from it, she will be ready for her furever home, where we (and she) look forward to Willow enjoying her senior years in the warm comfort of a calm, loving home.  After the life that this tiny soul has likely endured prior to rescue, she deserves nothing short of loving arms with a loving touch, in a calm and quiet, cozy home.    

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