Winni has adoption pending – yeah! She is no longer accepting adoption applications but hopes you’ll consider another CCRT dog for your family. 


Winni (short for Winnipeg) recently into the care of CCRT and is learning the ropes at her foster home. She is approximately 2 years old, 8 lbs and overall, seems pretty healthy (although she may have some allergies that cause a minimal amount of itching).

Winni is a saucy and bossy little girl. She is very active, loves to run and enjoys time outside when it is not too cold. She also enjoys being petted, getting attention, snuggling and giving kisses. Winni loves to sleep in a big dog bed, buried under blankets, with a collection of selected toys.

Her favourite activity is playing with toys, especially her ball. She would play ball all day long if she could. Careful: she will destroy a ball in 5 minutes, so supervision is required for safety (she will rip fuzz off and then chew the rubber to pieces). Winni is very toy driven, and she is also very protective of such items. She can display aggression towards other dogs in her foster home when they go too close to her toys (according to Winni, they are all her toys).

 Winni is 80% housebroken. She knows to go outside, but still has the occasional accident. She loves going for walks and gets really worked up in the process of leaving. She will pull, bark, and growl as she tries to get out the door as fast as she can. She settles by the time she hits the bottom of the driveway. She does pull on walks and will bark at other people and dogs. She needs someone who has the patience and inclination to work on some of these issues. She does, however, travel well in the car.

Unfortunately, Winni does not play well with others, and should be an only pet (although we might make an exception for a small, patient, confident resident dog that has no interest in toys). Winni is currently living with several other small dogs whom she targets, bullies, and can be aggressive towards. The behaviours become worse if the other dogs are around any toys laying on the ground.

Due to Winni’s reactivity around toys and uncertain situations, her forever home should not have children under the age of 14 years. Ultimately, she’s a bright, sassy little gal who needs the right human to help work on some of her behavioural issues and let her true personality shine.

You can see more of Winni on her own facebook page:

If Winni is the girl for you, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs.

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Vital Stats

Age: 2 yo
Weight: 8 lbs
Location: Mississauga
Adoption donation: $400