July 2019  Update

I just thought I’d let you know that Dozer is doing really well!   We adopted him from CCRT back in November, and he adjusted into our family life almost immediately.  We all just love him, and feel very lucky to be chosen as his new family.

He loves his fur siblings Indy (dog) and Blac Kat (cat) as well as his two human siblings.  He is so sweet and gentle with the kids, he is always up for a cuddle or a play session.   He and Indy are inseparable.   He enjoys playing tug of war, fetch, and romping around the yard.  He has made lots of other dog friends too, and is adored by his extended family.  We look forward to bringing him to our cottage for the first time this weekend, and know he will love it there! 

He is such a loving, quirky, funny little guy, and fits in so well with our family, it’s hard to believe we have only had him for 7 months.   Thank you for helping him during his time of need, and for letting us adopt him.

Dozer's Mom