Age: about 10yo
Weight: about 5 lbs


Some of you may have noticed that Frankie’s profile went up and he was ready for adoption.  Until he wasn’t.

Frankie was picked up as a stray and went unclaimed during his stray hold.  As is quite common with our tiny chihuahua friends, a loud shelter isn’t a place they tolerate very well.  So shy, petrified Frankie found himself in our care, in an experienced, loving and positive foster home. 

We often refer to unclaimed strays as “men” or “women” of mystery.  But as time wears on, parts of the mystery reveal themselves.  Like why Frankie, despite the best efforts of his foster family, doesn’t enjoy going out for walks.  What dog doesn’t live for walks?  A dog who has no clue what a walk is nor what a lead is nor how to walk while attached to it.  With 3 resident chihuahuas in his foster home to learn from, Frankie wasn’t getting the hang of it and efforts were abandoned as new things terrify Frankie and there is absolutely no reason to cause him unnecessary stress.  He hated it and that’s how we learned that at approximately 10 years of age, walkies weren’t a part of this dog’s former life.

No judgment here.  Frankie’s former owners may have had mobility issues and may have done their best for him.  We just don’t know.

The trauma of somehow being found alone attempting to fend for himself reveals itself as he constantly twirls around to make sure his foster family is still there.  This is ongoing and continues to break our hearts.  Abandonment is serious trauma.  Whether human or canine.

The mystery that has not yet fully revealed itself is his health.  Our vet is unable to find a cause for Frankie’s impaired heart, liver and kidney function.  Frankie had an abdominal ultrasound and echocardiogram and it has been decided that he will remain in CCRTS care forever. . 

At this point, Frankie is enjoying life with his patient, calm, foster family (humans and canines) who keep anxiety to a minimum and ensure he feels safe, secure and loved. 

He will be permanent foster and remain in CCRT care for the rest of his days.  One thing is certain, he will forever be loved, safe, very well cared for and as happy as he can be.

Original profile :

Hi! Let me introduce myself, my name is Frankie and I am approximately 10 years old.  I came to the CCRT after being picked up as a stray.

I am a shy gentleman and I find a lot of things scary. I don’t do well with loud noises or sudden movements.

Once I get to know you, I really love belly rubs and snuggling up but sometimes I get scared and run away when all I really want is to run into your arms.  I often spend time in my crate when I need a break from everything.

I am a pretty small fella not quite weighing 5lbs so jumping up onto couches and beds are hard for me. My foster mum has a cool ramp I like to use so I can be on the couch with the other dogs.

Speaking of dogs, I currently live with 3 other little dogs and I get along okay with them. You must know that I don’t like going out for walks. I have not yet gotten the hang of walking on a leash and for that reason I will require a home with a fully fenced in backyard so I can enjoy my outdoor time. I love roaming through foster mum’s garden and lounging in the sun. 

Foster Mum tells me I have a few quirks, like when I spin in circles while walking in front of her just to make sure she is still there. I also get super excited at meal times and start spinning again. I don’t know how to sit on command but I will ask nicely for my bowl. 

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