Rio has been adopted!

Age: 6 ish.

Weight: 10 lbs

Location: Mississauga Ontario

Adoption donation: $500

Note: No Apartments or Condos. Townhouses are okay.

Meet Rio! 10 lbs of chihuahua love and playfulness.  This girl will give you snuggles for days and keep life exciting with her passion for play.

Rio came from a shelter as a stray. Sometimes our chihuahua friends find the shelter very scary and loud. Rio started to bite in this environment and so she was brought into rescue.

This sweet girl needed time to warm up to her foster family, but once she became comfortable, it was all love. Rio hopes her future family will give her space to help her feel safe, just like her foster parent did. Once she’s more confident, she gets curious and eventually allows some gentle pets. It is important her future home has patient dog handlers that give her time in order to prevent aggression or potential bites.

What about now? She LOVES snuggling with her foster parent and, when they can’t be living her regal chihuahua snuggly lifestyle, she is satisfied to nap under blankets (but not too far away!) She is the kind of dog that will return all the love you give her.

One endearing quirk involves stealing shoes and slippers when left alone and bringing them to her sleeping space. Silly Rio wants to snuggle your feet even when you are not home!  She doesn’t destroy or nibble them but I suppose your Louboutins should be put away before leaving Rio alone with them.

Toy? Did someone say toy? Rio LOVES to play.  If she hears a squeak… its playtime! She may come in a small package, but comes with big gusto for play and walks.

This smart girl is housebroken and will either go outside, or on pee pads inside. Within a few days of settling into her foster home, she knew the routine and became an accident free champion.

Rio generally does well with other dogs, but can sometimes be a little in their face. Let’s call it a puppy police!  Her sense of justice leads her to steal toys away if another dog is playing with them. She could have another dog buddy in the home, or be an only dog. She is untested with cats.

Rio can be a little vocal at times.  She will bark for short periods of time inside and will bark at others while outside on walks.

This girl is a fabulous and fun pup looking for someone to spoil her, and who has the time to be patient when situations make her nervous. She is desperate to find her furever human to love her so she can give just as much back.

If you meet the criteria for Rio’s new home, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for her, or any of our other foster dogs.

Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.