Ash & Stella have been adopted!

DOB: 2 March, 2023
: 2.5 lbs (Growing puppy)
Location: Thornhill, Ontario
Adoption donation: $850

Beautiful puppy Stella is shy when first meeting new people. She sits back and watches the situation before feeling comfortable enough to engage.  She takes cues from her littermate Ash (in the same foster home) and when her confident littermate is enjoying cuddles and kisses, Stella  doesn’t want to be left out!  Once Stella deems the activity safe, she quickly comes around and wants in on the action. She is also the saucy pup with a larger than life personality when in her comfort zone.  Stella just requires a little more time to size up the situation.  She would definitely do well in a home with another confident, playful dog.

Stella loves to run and play outside or in the house.  At four months young, running, playing, then recovering with a quick nap and repeat is pretty much the name of the game.  She would love a canine playmate and human(s) who are patient with puppydom and will help Stella burn off puppy energy with many walks, lots of playtime and gain confidence and manners with ongoing training and positive reinforcement.  Puppies love to play, chew, run and did we mention chew?  Stella is no different and is already on her way to being a polite dog with pristine bathroom manners under the guidance of her foster home.

Stella  is OK with cats and good at following the cats signals. She is excited to see her every morning but will back off once the excitement has worn off.  If there are children in Stella’s new family, they must be older children who will give her the space she needs to feel comfortable and be very gentle with her.  Stella is sweet-as-sugar and truly the most loveable and wonderful puppy.

Stella is a vocal little girl, barking at almost everything she hears and sees. Apartment living is not suitable for this communicative pup.

Stella is scheduled for her spay surgery at the end of July and will be ready to move to her furever home as soon as she has healed from her surgery.

We know it’s hard to hear but we will not consider applications from people who work a full day. As puppies can be handfuls, the puppies  will require a family who has a lot of time and love for them. A working family who is gone for 8-10 hours a day is not the right fit these girls. They need a family who is committed to establishing a life with them. In return they will give their new parents the gift of unconditional love, companionship and laughter.


You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for Stella, or any of our other foster dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.