March 19, 2017 Baby and Bentley are in long term foster care and will never be adoptable.

Baby and Bentley were surrendered to CCRT in mid-March 2016 and after much hard work and year-long observation, it is in the best interest of these bonded chihuahua siblings to enter our Long Term Foster program.  These chihuahuas are not candidates for adoption and therefore will be cared for in the foster home to which they have become accustomed for the remainder of their years.  Baby and Bentley are 3 years young.  Their medical needs were attended to when they came under our care and have now both been spayed/neutered, brought up-to-date with their shots, microchipped and they have both had a dental.

Baby and Bentley are well bonded to each other, however they do not interact with the resident chihuahuas in their foster home.  Baby simply does not like other dogs in her space and warns them off with a growl, even after having lived together for the last year.  Bentley tolerates the resident chis but will not interact nor play with them.  Luckily, they find comfort in each other and for this, we are thankful.

We have no idea what these two have experienced prior to coming under our care.  We do know that they have a multitude of emotional and behavioural issues that are deeply rooted and proving very difficult to uproot.  They both show signs of abuse.  They are terrified of feet and sudden hand movements.  If feet appear anywhere in their vicinity, if they note quick movement (hand or otherwise) or if either are touched unexpectedly, they scream.  They flinch from any sudden movement and will cower, even when being handed a treat.  It is extremely painful to watch them cower as they await their special treat, as they also seem to be awaiting something more sinister from the hands that gift the treats.

Baby is a sweet little chi who wants to interact with people but her nerves get the better of her and she barks nervously when first approached.  She pees submissively when nervous, excited, happy, anxious – almost any emotion will trigger submissive urination.  This has not improved during her year in foster care.  Bentley is also a sweet little chi but he is even more timid than Baby.  Bentley also urinates in the home, however his is more purposeful.  He is a marker (pees to claim territory/exert dominance) but thankfully responds to gentle verbal correction.  Both of them have the habit of eating feces. 

Prior to being surrendered to CCRT, Baby and Bentley were kept in diapers in a confined area.  It is no wonder that they adore their freedom to run around their foster home at their will!  After a year of working with Baby and Bentley, it is in their best interest to continue to live in the home that has loved them for this past year and continues to try to build their confidence and gain their trust and teach them that humans come with loving hands (and feet).  Their foster Mom is the only human who can pick Bentley up – if he is in agreement and doesn’t scurry away.  When Bentley is picked up, he often screams in fear.  His shrieks even prompted his foster family to take him to the vet on numerous occasions, believing he was in extreme pain.  After many examinations by the vet and head-to-toe x-rays, it has been concluded that his screams are fear based.  For these reasons, we welcome Baby and Bentley into our Long Term Foster program, after having been under our care for this past year.

You can support Baby and Bentley by the purchase a sweater and/or blanket for them (or any of our other fosters dogs).  You can support CCRT’s ongoing care of Baby and Bentley by becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel or by making a donation towards their care. 

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